Jason Klav

We’re a very expensive group; we break a lot of rules”  –Freddie Mercury

The Short:

Jason Klav is a producer, songwriter, artist and long time entertainer based out of Nashville, TN.  He specializes in interactive entertainment and production.

The Long:

I was born in Rockford, IL too long ago to mention the date.  I spent my younger years growing up in a small town called Byron where I performed with every band and chorus our school had to offer.  Although I spent most of my time doing sports, music was always my night time activity when my body could no longer work out.  I received multiple scholarships to colleges around the nation for long distance running when I came of age.  My first plan was to be a math teacher and work on music during the summer time.   Luckily Belmont University, in Nashville, TN, came to the rescue and taught me that you could not only do music full time, but you could get a degree in it!!!!


I ran the first year for the Cross Country and Track team at Belmont and then quit to focus on music.  I spent two years studying Music Production and Music Business.  I then decided it’d be fun to start all over (because no credits transferred majors) as a Commercial Music major.  My bank account still hates me for that one! I graduated after 6 years of school with a B.A. in music and went on the road with my father’s country band in Illinois.  I played bass and sang for them for a year before moving back to Nashville to start my own band, ZeroCo.

ZeroCo was my first foray into owning a band.  It failed miserably.  HaHa!  But success can’t be found without failure right? I began producing music out of my home studio I had built while I worked multiple jobs to pay the school debt down.  I produced close to 1500 songwriter demos over the next few years, singing on close to 750 of them!!  Although this was a good paying gig, my soul hurt from not entertaining folks in a live setting.  I hated being locked in a studio all day so I decided to begin performing again.

I first began by going to downtown Nashville, the Broadway scene, and playing as often as I could.  Although it was good to be back on stage in front of folks, it didn’t feed the perfectionist side of me.  I wanted more!!!  So I began searching for another group to see if I could find people who wanted to push the bar up and really perform at a higher level.  I audition for a group called Live Revival in 2011.  I didn’t land the gig off the audition but I made a big enough impression on the leader that he would later call me back and ask me to join.  My first gig would end up being the day they shot their video!!!! AHHHH!!!  First gig…..video shoot….. AHHHHH!!!!  You can see that here —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sdY-QG0FH4

After playing with Live Revival for a couple years I decided I needed more once again.  Although I had added some dancing and medley styled stuff to their show, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

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