1. How far will the band travel? 

Although the band is based out of Nashville, we are available to travel any distance!  We make all of the travel arrangements, so it’s no extra time on your end.  The band has traveled to over 20 states and overseas, and we’re ready to visit more great cities this year!  Let us know where we can bring the party next!

  1. Are there any special requirements?

Yes the band has a specific Rider it can send you for review.  (We have both a standard Rider along with a production/tech Rider for fly dates.)  It’s a great idea to get venue approval for many of the Rider items like space, power, band loading, etc…

  1. Does the band require a stage?

Yes, for most events, the band does require at least a short stage for all events to enhance the experience for all guests.  Staging is usually available for rent either from your event space or other local rental company.  For our band, we do require stable staging due to the high level of choreography.  Please let us know if you have a short ceiling before renting staging as we have lighting that needs a minimum 8-10 ft clearance.  Our Rider will give the needed dimensions for the specific package you are having.

  1. What kind of power does the band need for it’s equipment?

We require three-four 20 amp power circuits within 15 feet of the stage.  We ask that these circuits be used only by the band so there is no interruption in the show.  We request extension cords are provided if power is not within 15 feet of the stage.  If having an outdoor event using a generator, we require a technician to be available throughout the Event to ensure a smooth and seamless show.

  1. Can the band Emcee for us?

Yes!  We can Emcee throughout the event making special introductions or other announcements.  Clients may also use our microphones as needed to do toasts, auctions, or other announcements.

  1. Can the band DJ for us?

Yes!  The band will DJ cocktail and dinner music at no additional fee.  We also have an add-on option of an actual DJ for event extension.

  1. Can 12 South play Live cocktail or dinner music for my event?

12 South has many Live cocktail options available…see our add-on section for more details!  We also provide recorded dinner music at no additional charge.  We find quiet background music works best for dinner settings, and this also allows the band to be ready to go non-stop post dinner!

  1. What makes 12South special?

We offer a SHOW with non-stop action and entertainment! With a versatile group of singers who can do anything from funk to rock to the latest pop hits, our combination of male and female vocalists opens up a wide variety of song selections and creates a dynamic energy on stage.  The show is heavily choreographed, and you can expect dancing and crowd interaction the whole night through.  Also look for outfit changes, wireless musicians, and top-notch gear and lighting that makes the band’s show even more exciting!  The 12South show can also be non-stop…that’s right…no band breaks with 3 hours of dance floor fun!


  1. How does the band pick songs for each show?

12 South Band is a non-stop show and covers its entire song list in a regular show!  We perform our show medley-style which allows us to cover close to 100 songs in every show.  We’ve tested our songs in front of hundreds of audiences and have created a seamless and highly interactive show that we find works best when we can perform it all the way through.  We have special lighting throughout,  choreography for most songs, and outfit changes that are worked in throughout the show and keep people entertained and involved from start to finish!  We do love for people to tell us their favorite genres so we can make sure to hit your favorite styles in case of time restraints.

  1. Can 12 South work with my corporate event for walk-up or background music?

Yes!  12 South works with corporate events regularly on special request music.  Rates vary based on requirements of each event.

  1. What if I would like a first dance song played Live for my wedding?

If we don’t already know it, we can learn your special song to make your event the celebration you want it to be!  12 South will learn up to 3 first dance songs for weddings at no additional charge!!

     12.  Can 12South help with creating my Event time-line?

Yes, we are happy to assist Clients with options for Event timing.  We have years of experience working with corporate events, weddings, and other private Events and can make suggestions or work with your Event planner to make sure everything is seamless!


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Please reach out to us about your special Event at:

Email:      the12Southband@gmail.com

Text:     615-424-9281

 Let us know:    Location, date, and type of Event

We look forward to hearing from you!!


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