“If you’re looking for a phenomenal dance/party band, and 12 South Band is within your budget, just stop. Stop right now. BOOK THEM ASAP! We have bands come here all the time and there has never been one this good. Everyone here was absolutely stunned and was on the dance floor from beginning to end. And get this… In 3 hours time they NEVER took a break. Unbelievable! They will be back, that’s for sure!”

— Jake 5/26/18 (Private Party Chair)

“Drop whatever you are doing and immediately book this band! It will be hands-down the best money you spend. I had my wedding in Charlotte and we had so much trouble finding a band there that we liked. After we watched (and cringed at) every promo video for every band in the city, my hubby had the genius idea to go farther afield and look for someone in Nashville. I was a little worried about the added travel cost, but it was super reasonable (we ended up paying about the same for what we would have for a Charlotte-based band). They were incredibly easy to work with and were all such wonderful human beings! And as soon as their performance started – my mind was blown. Their energy level was off the charts and their costume changes and light effects added to our excitement. My photographer even commented that at one point she had trouble taking fun pics of us because we were all just staring open-mouthed watching the band like we were at an epic concert! But don’t worry, the staring quickly turned to dancing and that dancing did not stop. We danced and sang along with the band til 1am with only a short break. They had such a great music range so there was something for everyone. We were shocked that by the end of the night almost everyone, regardless of age, was still there dancing the night away. Thank you guys for an epic night. You’re welcome back in Charlotte anytime!

— Steph 9/22/18 (Bride)

Thank you so much for making our annual company Christmas Party epic and one to remember!!! We have heard NOTHING but rave reviews from all 600 attendees on how fabulous the band was. We can’t wait to dance the night away with you again next year!  The band looks great, sounds great, moves great, and keeps everyone entertained and engaged. It doesn’t get any better. As an event professional by trade, I am telling you, booking this band guarantees a great party for your guests.”

— Melissa 12/7/19 (Event Planner)

“This band was the highlight of our daughter’s wedding reception! Everyone was up dancing and celebrating. Played 4 hours with only a 10 minute break, and the dance floor was packed. Can’t say enough good things in such a small space; just don’t look anywhere else. BOOK 12 SOUTH BAND. I never talked to them, all arrangements done via emails and they did not fail to meet our every expectation. Every guest came up to us saying this was the best band they’ve ever heard. Hire them now and don’t look further. You will not regret it!”

—Margo 11/10/18 (Mother of the Bride)

“I have been thinking about how I wanted to write this review because I felt an obligation to make it perfect. I feel like I owe it to them – and you will too after 12 South Band performs at your reception. This is because you will become a fan of this group for life – and in the days and weeks and months after your big day, you and your guests will still be talking about them and will still be riding that incredible high from having attended the coolest party on the biggest day of your life. Quite simply, this is a superbly-talented group of musicians and performers who will alter the universe on your wedding night. As a recent groom who was married in September 2016, the 12 South Band performed at our reception at the Cleveland Museum of Art and I can say without hyperbole that the adjectives “phenomenal”, “extraordinary”, and “masterful” are still limited in their ability to describe them, their talent, and the energy they brought to our evening. Every single guest was blown away by how spectacular this band was and how much fun they had at our reception. So many guests told us this was the best wedding they ever been to – and of course the atmosphere and energy that 12 South Band created was a huge part of that. We are still receiving texts from guests who live in Knoxville, Houston, and Cleveland who are asking us for the group’s contact information and we are gladly obliging.
Lastly I will say this: I don’t normally do reviews for anybody. But in this case I am so happy to do it. Weddings are stressful. Lots of moving parts, lots of third-party vendors – especially those you never dealt with before nor trust automatically. In the case of 12 South Band, it was different. Every step on the business side was easy. E-mails were promptly returned, obligations and timelines were met and showed reliability, and the end product obviously was absolute insanity. We took a risk by selecting a band that is not from the Ohio/Pittsburgh area for our wedding and choosing 12 South Band (from Nashville). It was the best decision we made!
I will be happy to provide any additional information for anyone who wants it. Congratulations on your big day!”

— ARMOND 9/10/16 (Groom)

12 south is the best wedding band ever! They were recommended to me by a co – worker who said they made her wedding, and I thought maybe she was just being nice or exaggerating, She wasn’t! They made my wedding too! We actually had 6 south, the 6 piece band, but you would never have been able to tell it wasn’t the whole band. They had EVERYONE up on their feet dancing the entire wedding from my 9 year old cousin to grandparents and parents. They made it a blast! Our guests were raving about them and still are! If you want a band that will make your wedding, BOOK 12 South band!”

—  Lucia 6/15/19  (Bride)

“Dear 12 South: I am the father of the bride from the wedding this past weekend. I am not on social media, so I’d thought I would email you all and thank you for providing the most awesome entertainment that we could have ever wished for! I had tons of compliments for the range of fun music you all played all night. It’s bands like 12 South that make important events in our lives most memorable. Your tireless presence on the the stage kept the dance floor packed the entire evening. Thank you again for all you did. Top notch entertainment to say the least! If you can post this email as a review please do!”

— Shannon 6/30/18 (Father of the Bride)

“I don’t even know where to begin with this review. 12 South was hands down the BEST aspect of our wedding!! Every single wedding guest I talked to complimented us on our band – people were saying that they went to the best concert of their lives that happened to have a wedding along with it. The dance floor was incredible – our venue contact told the MOB that they have NEVER seen so many people on the dance floor for as long as we were dancing and jumping and screaming. This was 100% the best decision we made while wedding planning. PLEASE BOOK THIS BAND NOW!!”
— Allen   9/23/17  (Groom)

“12 South Band played at our wedding, and they made it an unforgettable party! During the wedding reception, I couldn’t even count how many guests came up to us to tell us “This band is amazing!!” We got married months ago and our guests are still raving about them. Everyone loved their energy, and they had everyone out of the dance floor the entire night. They were very professional, flexible, and fun to work with. And we loved that they learned 3 songs of our choosing. Picking 12 South Band was definitely one of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process!

— Katherine 12/19/18 Bride

“There are seriously not enough words to describe how AMAZING it was to work with the 12 South Band for my wedding day! Being an event planner from San Diego, who chose to have a destination wedding, meant I would be planning from 2,000+ miles away! Well, even with all the miles between us, they made us feel right at home and helped with every little detail!  The band for our wedding was a HUGE priority! We chose not have any other forms of entertainment and really wanted our band to be the focal point of the reception! Well, boy oh boy did we get what we asked for! I have been in the wedding industry for a little over 7 years and I had NEVER seen so many guests on the dance floor for as long as our guests were out there! AND to top it off I saw my first ever encore chant at a wedding! — That’s right, our wedding guests stayed until the very end and then still didn’t want to go home because the band was seriously, THAT good! Honestly, no review can do the 12 South Band justice. My only advice is to listen to their amazing videos and take the leap and book them for your next event! Trust me, between the many talented performers, singers, musicians, and the undeniable southern hospitality, you won’t regret the decision!!”
— Kayla   9/2/17    (BRIDE)

“The band was just incredible! I can tell you without reservation that there is not one thing we would have changed. The dinner music set was lovely, and everyone could easily talk to each other. Then the party got started, and from the very first song until the last one – the dance floor was absolutely packed! We had so many people tell us that this was the best band they have ever heard, and we just have to agree. I am quite sure that the band will get more bookings based on everyone’s feedback. I’ve been to several weddings where there were not very many people at the send off, because the guests leave earlier in the evening. That did not happen at our wedding – our sendoff was packed because the band kept everyone on the dance floor until the very end! We weren’t sure what the band would sound like, but I have to say, I don’t think that their video shows just how amazing this band is. The energy, the fun – it really just made our reception!”

— Elizabeth 8/5/17 (Mother of the Bride)

“The 12 South Band made our wedding at Cheekwood a huge success! We unfortunately had horrible weather that night but the band got everyone dancing and having a great time. We booked them about 14 months before our wedding and they were wonderful to work with the whole way…including finding us awesome string players and a dance teacher to help with our first dance. Every member of the band gives it their all for the whole night and all of our guests were wowed by the outfit changes, variety of songs and energy of the band. I heard so much great feedback from our guests of all ages raving about them and it made me feel better knowing that the guests (many of whom traveled a long way) had a great night thanks to 12 south band! We would book them again in a heartbeat…my husband said it was ‘the best money we spent on the wedding’. Thank you!”

— HALEY 5/27/16 (BRIDE)

“This band MADE. MY. WEDDING. I knew we’d booked a good band, based on the reviews and their incredible promo video, but I didn’t even comprehend just how good they actually are!! They were better than any CONCERT I’ve ever been to in my life, and word on the street is that our wedding will go down in history b/c of 12 South. I probably should have talked to my wedding guests more, but I spent the majority of my wedding reception on the dance floor, having literally the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life. My knee was swollen the next day from dancing, and I lost my voice from singing, but it was totally worth it. I’m still in this weird state of depression that the night is over. I may be married now, but I miss new friends in 12 South! Best night of my life. Don’t even think about it, book this band!!”

— KIMBERLY 3/25/17 (BRIDE)

“Hands down the absolute best decision my committee and I made for our fundraising event! This band had a good part of our 300 guests on the dance floor by the end of their first song and kept them there all night! They are as professional as they are talented. We booked them for the following year before they had their gear packed up! P.S. Nashville is not an easy place to perform and they totally rocked it (even the country artists in attendance agreed).”


“Almost a week after my son’s wedding, friends are still talking about the band!  12South Band made the evening memorable for everyone.  The band was so high-energy that no one wanted to stop dancing including the bride and groom!  The song selection appealed to all ages, and the singers were amazing to watch!  The band interacted with the guests, and everyone ended up on the dance floor.  The 12South Band made the evening, and I hope to book them again.”

— PAM  5/14/16 (Mother of the Groom)

“12 South far exceeded my expectations! Everyone including the venue staff remarked about how professional and polite every member was and how easy it was to work with them. They were punctual in setting up. Their actual performance was over-the-top!!! They sang every genre and were extremely talented. The showmanship was fantastic with lighting changes and costumes and great choreographed dance. The dance floor was not big enough to accommodate everyone who was dancing to the sounds of 12 South. The attendees would have stayed forever if the band had kept playing. I have had two people in the first 24 hours ask for the contact information on the band. Yes, they were that good. Absolutely outstanding and a total pleasure!”

— KATHY 8/27/16 (Event Chair)

“If we could do it all over, we would have left a lot more time for the band to perform. Anna was great to work with, especially in her flexibility to meet with us while we were in town (destination wedding). 12 South was one of the best decisions we made for our reception. All of our guests were on the dance floor the whole time and loved the energy from the band members and the song selections they played. We wish we could party with this crew every weekend!”

— WHITNEY (bride)

“That was LITERALLY the best band EVER!!” – all 250 guests at our wedding reception in Cincinnati, OH.
12 South Band played at our reception and everyone is still talking about how amazing they were, three months later! As soon as we got engaged and started planning, we realized the band was one of the most important things to us in terms of throwing a good party. We wanted a band that could entertain and get everyone on the dance floor. After extensive research, we thought 12 South Band might fit the bill. Honestly, 12 South Band is above and beyond anything we could have hoped for!! Not only do they play great music and keep everyone on the dance floor with their continuous flow of songs, but they have AMAZING voices and really make a show of it! The band played music that appealed to all ages and made it a night to remember not just for my husband and I, but for every single guest at the reception! They were really great to work with: flexible, fun and accommodating (even after everyone shouted encore for about 5 more songs). 12 South Band is AMAZING – book them NOW while you still have the chance!!!
— KIRSTIN  5/28/16   (Bride)

I truly can’t find the right words to describe how amazing the 12 South Band was the night of our wedding. We had so many family members and friends asking us the next morning how we came across such a phenomenal band. From the time we hired them until the very end of our wedding reception, they were so great to work with. They are a gifted group of musicians and performers as well!
My now husband’s brother and a very close friend of ours performed the first dance with them, and they were so accommodating. They also really worked with us on tailoring their show to fit our song/genre preferences. Anna was awesome in terms of communication… she always got back to us within a day or two!
Their medley-style show really lends itself to keeping the party going and our dance floor was packed the whole night. They have the perfect amount of crowd interaction and really fun costume changes! The music was the most important part of the reception for us and we truly couldn’t have been happier. They exceeded all expectations! Look no further if you want a band for any type of function!

— JESSICA 8/13/16 (Bride)

“12 South created an awesome energy at our 1st Christmas party! It was a big event, about 500 guests and hosted by 3 companies, and the band performance made it a memorable night!”
— JULIE 12/4/15  (Business Owner)

“The 12 South Band seriously made our wedding night!! Picking a band was probably one of the biggest decisions throughout the wedding planning process because all we wanted was for our guests to have an absolute blast. And with all said and done, I couldn’t be happier that we found the 12 South Band! Their energy had everyone on the dance floor as soon as they took the stage and it lasted throughout the entire night! The level of talent within the group is unbelievable… on top of providing just a great variety of music, they are true entertainers. I was too busy dancing my butt off, but I wish I could’ve watched their every move! We have received endless compliments on how amazing and fun our reception was (many have even said it’s the best they’ve been to) and we owe it all to the band! Additionally, Anna was so easy to work with and responsive during the whole booking process. AND they learned our 3 special dance songs for us, which turned out beautifully! All in all, this band is AMAZING! I honestly cannot say enough about them and how highly I recommend them for any event in need of great entertainment! I can only hope I get the opportunity to see this band perform again someday. A million times Thank You 12 South Band!!!!”

— JESSICA 10/8/16 (Bride)

“The 12 South Band was just amazing!! Words can’t even describe how awesome their performance was during my wedding. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. Their energy was incredible and they even went out on the dance floor to sing to our 91 year old grandma! This band is what makes a good wedding a GREAT wedding. Thanks again Anna and Jason, you guys are great, we wish we could re live that night every weekend!”
— EMILY   8/22/15   (Bride)

“The 12 South Band did such an amazing job! They drove to Pensacola, Florida all the way from Nashville on Valentine’s Day to perform at our 15th year anniversary/celebration for our business. There were over 300 guests who attended the celebration. Every single person loved their performance! The band members interacted with the guests throughout the night. They were full of energy and so much fun to be around and interact with. We wish they weren’t located so far away…they definitely have a huge fan base now here in Pensacola! “— QUINN 2/14/15   (Business Owner)

“If you want to have the time of your life at your wedding – you should hire 12 South Band! They literally made our Reception a BLAST and we loved every minute of having them play! The dance floor was NEVER empty and we have received texts and emails from many of our guests who were at the Reception saying how much they loved the band! They are so nice to work with and SO MUCH FUN! They put on a show that is unforgettable!”
— Lee  4/30/16 (Bride)

“12 South Band surprised us all at my daughter’s quinceañera. Everyone enjoyed them, and we were so excited to hear them! The band members are so kind, and they are perfect for any occasion. Thank you 12 South Band for making our quinceañera extra special! Thank you!!”
—MARIA 6/20/14 (Mother)

“Choosing a band was probably one of the hardest decisions we made through our whole wedding planning process because all I wanted for my wedding reception was an awesome band that would create an unforgettable party. Well….I should probably rephrase, it wasn’t the hardest decision but it was definitely the most time consuming! We found 12 South after a long search online of local and travel bands and I am SO THANKFUL we found them!!! We fell in love immediately with their energy and their music selection of classic and current songs that everyone knows. They were so accommodating, they communicated everything quickly and really took control of the reception on the wedding day. Not to mention, everyone in the band took time to speak to me and thank me for having them, they were all seriously such nice and fun people. I kid you not when I say that EVERYONE at my reception was on their feet, dancing, and belting out every song. In all my pictures from the reception, people either have their arms thrown up in the air dancing for their life or their mouths wide open singing as loud as they can. People are still talking about how amazing 12 South Band was and about how my wedding was the best party they’ve been to. BOOK THIS BAND!!! I already have a savings account so I can book them again, for what? Who knows, but something!”
—JENNY    9/26/15  (Bride)

“When I say that my wedding was complete because of 12 South Band, I mean it. The band’s energy was the driving force of the entire night. Working with Anna to make my wedding vision come true was a breeze. She was responsive and understanding. If you don’t use this band, then you chose wrong.”
—KIMBERLY      10/18/15   (Bride)

“No matter what size event you are planning, please consider 12 South Band for your entertainment! We recently used them for a convention and were extremely pleased … no, not pleased, overwhelmed would be a better description! They got the young and the old off their feet and on the dance floor. I have heard nothing but rave reviews! Thank you 12 South Band for bringing your talent and enthusiasm to our gala!! We would gladly book you again (and again, and again …).”— MELANIE 8/15/15   (Fundraising Chair)

“WOW! 12 South Band is the GREATEST wedding band OF ALL TIME! From their wonderful communication with the bride, groom and wedding coordinator from start to finish, determining how to make your day personalized by learning new music for your wedding ceremony and reception, and their OUTSTANDING performance and musical talents, makes 12 South Band the ONLY option for your wedding! If this band is not available for your wedding date, then CHANGE YOUR DATE!”— JULIE 8/8/15   (Bride)

“The 12 South Band was flat out amazing at my wedding! At least 30 people at the wedding stopped me and asked me where I found them and told me how great they were. They were very flexible and allowed us to change our wedding song the week of the wedding. I know everyone was extremely impressed with not only the band’s versatility and talent but also the fact that they played almost 3 straight hours without a break. Everything they did was fabulous and I can say without a doubt that they were the best money we spent on the entire wedding. I would recommend the 12 South Band for any wedding or any type of event that aims get people out on the dance floor, they are true entertainers! My bride and I also took dance lessons through the 12 South Band’s partner Ballroom Bug, this turned out great because we were very coordinated with the band the day of the wedding and we received a discount on the lessons because we were using the band.”—  HARLIN     6/6/15    (Groom)

“12 South was awesome for my daughters wedding!  Everything music-wise, before, during, after!! Loved them playing appropriate music during dinner, and of course MC-ing all the wedding stuff! No worries about set up, very professional! I used to have clubs, so I know the issues with timing, set up, etc. Great attitudes throughout the day! And once the crowd got into it, they know what to play. Cant say enough about this band. Best of luck to the band and its support staff!”— David    5/29/16  (Father of the Bride)

“Our event was a large red carpet anniversary celebration for a church, with over 100 (some very high-caliber) attendees. The 12 South Band was fantastic. They were super flexible with everything we needed even with all the last minute changes we had and delivered a fantastic performance. They were super fun, energetic and interactive with the guests! Overall a great show and we will definitely have them back again!”— DAN 5/30/14   (Coordinator)

“Best band ever. Can’t tell you how many of our guests commented on how amazing the band was. They really set the tone for the evening. Super high energy, great music, got the crowd involved. From the beginning they were incredibly easy to work with, very accommodating to all of our wants and needs.  Highly recommend this band, it will be the best money you spend on the wedding!”— 6/4/16 (Groom)

“We loved your band! Y’all were amazing; I have had tons of calls about the band. You are now a legend here!”— 2/18/17 (MOB)

“12 South Band was an incredible band for our daughter’s wedding reception. Reading their reviews and watching their videos I knew they were good, but they definitely exceeded our expectations! The videos can’t communicate the energy they exude in their show! They are experts in drawing in the crowd – I saw several guests on the dance floor that I Never would have guessed would have danced! They perform a medley style, with flawless transitions, incorporating multiple genres (i.e. Robin Thicke to Garth Brooks to Prince). I have never seen a band keep the dance floor packed for every song all night long, but that’s exactly what they did for Natalie and Aaron and our guests. They did a great job introducing the wedding party and bride and groom, and ended their show with the bride and groom on stage singing Sweet Caroline, with the crowd singing along, waving their hands and sending off the newlyweds in style. They also added to their show the requested songs for the First Dance, the Father Daughter and Mother Groom dances. Natalie and I picked out Paul Simon’s “Father Daughter” for our dance, and they performed it perfectly – they nailed it!! They have several options for the number of performers – we chose the 10 person option with 1 horn. Finally, I would add that our wedding coordinator commented on how easy they were to work with. I give them my highest recommendation!”— David 1/16/16   (Father of the Bride)

“My husband and I met at Rippy’s on Lower Broad and wanted our wedding to showcase the night we met. Naturally, we picked the Nash Country ensemble of the 12 South Band and were absolutely blown away!!! Not only did they go above and beyond to learn our random request songs, they played every song I suggested or requested from their set list. During the planning stages, Anna was so responsive and helpful which translated seamlessly with the band once our big day arrived. I can’t even articulate in words how amazing of an experience it was working with them. We had Industry professionals as guests, and all of them were asking where we found them! We got married in Franklin, and even had the Franklin PD show up because they were rocking so hard! We took this as a huge compliment to our party! :). Don’t hesitate! Book this band!”— Stacey   4/8/17    (Bride)

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