The 12 South Band offers several bands and a variety of packages to choose from.  Our Dance bands, 12South and 8South, feature multiple singers, tons of choreography, outfit changes, props, specialized lighting, and a wireless front line that does fun crowd interaction!  Nash County, our Country/Rock group features a male and female lead singer plus Fiddle!

We’ve listed our package options below.

The 12South Experience (14pc)- 

This is our mega package for those looking to impress guests with an extra Wow factor!  This package includes multiple singers that do heavy choreo, back-up dancers with hip hop influence, and a full horn trio!  We also include extra lighting and can work with events on any special elements needed from color schemes to match a theme, prop giveaways, flame-less sparklers, confetti canons, and more!

The 12 South Band (12 pc)-

If you’re looking for something top of the line that will create the ultimate entertainment at your event, this is the package for you! Featuring 12 performers, including horns and multiple singers, a full PA, and professional-quality lighting, this package is the ultimate in excitement. Have your audience on their feet the whole night!

8 South Band

8 South is our sister band that performs the same show as 12South but on a smaller scale.  8South starts as an 8-piece group, but we are happy to add pieces if you would like a larger group size.  As packages increase in size, we add horn players.  Premium lighting and sound also included in this package.

6South Band-

6South is a new option we’ve recently added to accommodate smaller venues/budgets.  6South offers the same song list as our larger groups but starts with 6 pieces and carries basic versus premium lighting.  6South features 2 singers and a 4-part Rhythm section with an optional horn addition.

Nash County Band– (7-8 Pieces)-COUNTRY/ROCK SHOW

The Country/Rock package is perfect for those who love Country music.  We throw in a touch of Rock to mix it up but mainly focus on Classic and Current Country hits.  This package includes a male and female singer, 4 part rhythm section with fiddle, and optional background singers.  We include basic stage lighting, PA, and our sound engineer.

Solo, Duo, or Trio packages:

12 South has soloists, duets, and trios available for smaller events, ceremonies, parties, etc… we can add this to one of our other packages or they can be purchased individually.  With everything from strings to guitar/vocals to ukulele, we can arrange for simple background music or can act as the main entertainment.



Ceremony Music– 12 South now offers ceremony music for your event. We can provide the PA, musicians, and even lapel mic.  We offer keys or guitar for traveling events and have strings available in the Nashville area.

Cocktail Music-  12 South also  has multiple cocktail hour options available if you would like Live music as guests arrive to your event.  We offer everything from soloists, to strings, to a Jazz ensemble.

2nd Sound System– 12South has additional PAs available for cocktail area, ceremony music, or additional sound near your main stage.


**Packages are designed to give you what we feel is the highest quality entertainment.  (Packages can be altered to accommodate a variety of budgets. If you don’t see what you need, let us cater a package just for you!)
Prices vary based on location. Please email for a detailed quote.



1.  How far will the band travel? 

Although the band is based out of Nashville, we are available to travel any distance.  We travel extensively throughout the U.S. from California to Texas, Florida, and the Northeast!  We can make all of the travel arrangements as well, so it’s no extra time on your end.

2.  Are there any special requirements?

The band does need a minimum space of 20’x 16′.  We recommend 28’x 20′ (larger for the 12South Experience).  We also recommend having a stage at your event if possible as it helps everyone see the band and gives the entire audience a more enjoyable experience and better interaction with us.  Staging is usually available for rent either from your event space or other local rental company.

3.  What kind of power does the band need for it’s equipment?

We require three 20 amp power circuits within 20 feet of the band.  We ask that these circuits be used only by the band so there is no interruption in the show.

4.  Can the band leader DJ and MC for us?

Yes!  We can DJ music for dinner and cocktail hour or can play any music you wish to provide us on IPod or Iphone.  We can also do announcements and introductions and allow you access to our mic so you can do toasts and other announcements.

5.  What makes 12South special?

We created the 12South band to be more than just a typical band.  We offer a SHOW with non-stop action and entertainment! With a versatile group of singers who can do anything from funk to country to the latest pop hits, our combination of male and female vocalists opens up a wide variety of song selections and creates a dynamic energy on stage.  All of our background singers also serve as backup dancers, and you can expect fun dancing the whole night through.  The 12South show can also be non-stop…that’s right…no band breaks with 3 hours of dance floor fun!

6.  What if I have a special song I want played?

If we don’t already know it, we can learn your special song to make your event the celebration you want it to be.  12 South will learn up to 3 songs at no additional charge.